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Will Antigua-licensed online gambling operators get access to the US market?

Antigua and Barbuda is a proud member of the Commonwealth of Nations, which refuses to accept the new laws for gambling in the United States of America. The law forbids US players to transfer currency with casinos based in Antigua and Barbuda, which will have a huge impact on the online casino business, resulting in a failure for them.

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda is formed from two main and several small islands. The two mainlands give the country its name. It’s located southeast from the United States and most of the online gambling members come from them, which is exactly why Antigua and Barbuda can’t afford to lose the license to offer their games to the citizens of the United States.

After pressing charges against the US, because of their music and movie industries, Antigua and Barbuda have called one of the best law firms in Washington DC to represent their nation against the United States. Their aim is to keep the right to offer their online casino games to the members of the US.

The finance minister of the small country threatened to take more serious measures against the US if necessary. He demands that the United States should show some kind of understanding to their close neighbors because their biggest industry is based on gamblers mainly from the US. This claim is supported by the countries economy fall in the years after forbidding online gambling in the United States.

The law firm hired by the Antigua and Barbuda country is one of the best firms in the field of politically challenging cases. They have achieved their reputation with way more serious cases, which at first seemed absurd to win. Hiring them is a great opportunity for the islands to gain access to the US market.

It is obvious that the little country won’t stop pursuing their goal. They believe that it’s their right to offer a piece of their legitimate business in the closes country to them. They seriously work to gain sympathy from leading industries in the fields, to help them win the case. They work seriously with other companies which are against the new laws and regulations, making them a greater threat to the government than being alone.

The gambling industry is the biggest one in Antigua and Barbuda. They will do everything possible to gain permission to sell their product in the US. The case is not easy and only time can tell what will happen between them. Gaining permission can only be a bonus for both the US and Antigua and Barbuda.